Diagnodent - Laser Cavity Diagnosis

The Diagnodent is used as an aid in the diagnosis of dental caries on thoroughly cleaned teeth.

It is a light probe handpiece containing a one-milliwatt laser that is designed to get down into the pits and groves and discover caries and decay painlessly.________

It then sends the readings so the progression of dental caries can be monitored from visit to visit. It also finds the cavities and decay before it can develop into more serious problems and require extensive and expensive treatment.

The Diagnodent is a highly effective and reliable tool in preventative dentistry.
Small Cavity Open
Cavity extends into the inner area of the tooth (Dentin)
Small Cavity Clean
Cavity is "All Clean"
Small Cavity Filled
Tooth is fully Restored
Small Cavity Surface view
Cavity isn't visible on surface --->
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